Semantic Transformation

We enable organizations to exploit the full power of semantic web and linked data technologies to reduce time, cost and risk for digital transformation projects.

  • Custom Solution Design
  • Modelling and Ontology Design
  • Training and Skill Transfer

Custom Development

We extend our platform to your unique specs and curate specialized datasets tailored to your needs.

  • System-Specific Adapters
  • Data Integration Pipelines
  • Linked (Open) Data Mashups

Rapid Data‑Driven Prototyping

Leveraging our methodology and our platform, we quickly develop end‑to‑end data supply chains that turn fragmented data silos into organic shared APIs.

Relieved from back-end chores, front‑end developers can deliver functional apps within days, putting to good use agile development practices.

We team up with process owners to identify promising targets based on business needs and to fast-track the development of specific solutions powered by our API‑centric approach.

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