An End-to-End Linked Data Solution for Rapid Digital Transformation

The Problem Dynamic organizations are increasingly striving to quickly deploy advanced search and analysis tools and dedicated business apps.

However, relevant enterprise data is dispersed among a host of operational and legacy systems, making it difficult to cut across different processes and sources.

Centralization projects have consistently proven difficult and risky, while shuffling data between isolated silos with ad hoc, point-to-point plumbing is a major cost and complexity driver and definitely not a scalable option.

On top of that, decentralization, mergers and acquisitions, mobile development and the expanding role of external data and IoT systems unrelentingly add to the overall fragmentation.

The problem
  • no quick way to integrate data silos to capture value from inter-connections
  • complex data supply chains managed with costly and IT-intensive solutions
  • limited user autonomy in data-related processes and delayed decision-making

The Solution W3C's semantic web and linked data technologies and graph databases make it easy to overcome data silos, weaving them into a hyperlinked read/write data hub spanning the whole organization, with no impact on existing processes and systems.

We leverage linked data hubs to fast-track digital transformation projects, delivering value over short working cycles, with low risk and limited investment.

The solution

The Platform Metreeca is an end-to-end open-source platform that streamlines the implementation of enterprise linked data hubs, covering the whole data supply chain from integration to delivery.

Its declarative model-driven engine enables analysts to quickly and cost-effectively deliver data as shared and secured APIs, with no need for custom coding.

  • quickly develop agile data supply chains and dedicated business apps
  • easily integrate legacy, semi-structured, textual and external data sources
  • easily deploy API services without trading off data integrity and security
  • rely on a completely standardized and open technology stack backed by W3C

With Metreeca you can finally exploit the full value of your data assets readily turning them into value-added services and apps.

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