Delivering End‑To‑End Agile Data Solutions

We provide end‑to‑end support to fast‑track your organisation into enterprise knowledge graphs, combining vast experience in software engineering with cutting edge technologies and deep business insight.

Linked Data and Graph Databases

Quickly integrate heterogeneous data sources into a hyperlinked, read-write knowledge space providing unified access to people and data‑driven applications.

  • data modelling and ontology design
  • data integration pipelines
  • visualization and search tools
  • linked (open) datasets curation
  • training and skill transfer

Custom Development

We develop high‑quality full‑stack software tailored to your specific needs, following state-of-the art processes, with global vision and painstaking attention to detail.

  • dedicated process-specific apps
  • knowledge management systems
  • linked data APIs and microservices
  • data-driven dynamic publishing sites
  • field/operational systems connectors

NLP and Machine Learning

Graph-driven natural language processing (NLP) pipelines to extract actionable info from a wide range of unstructured sources like emails, textual docs and social media.

Deep and machine learning algorithms that understand images and perform complex tasks (optimization, forecasting, anomaly detection, failure prediction, …).

Rapid Data‑Driven Co‑Design

Our model‑driven platform supports co‑design for digital transformation projects, exposing complex data as plain REST/JSON APIs with almost no back‑end coding.

Relieved from back-end chores, front‑end developers can update apps on the fly as design stakeholders provides new inputs, consistently increasing iteration speed.

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