Knowledge Graphs for Real‑World Problems

We team up with users and data owners to understand your specific business needs and to develop effective end‑to‑end solutions for a range of cross‑cutting business processes.

Content Management

Rich metadata and background info supporting advanced search, context‑aware recommendations and dynamic publishing

Product Lifecycle

A 360° searchable and navigable view of your products, integrating data from operational, technical and unstructured sources


Turn certification paperwork and field data into actionable knowledge providing quick and clear answers to critical questions

Smart Manufacturing

Collect and relate heterogeneous data flowing from machines, workpieces and factory systems in a scalable and robust way

Supply Chain

Full visibility over heavily interconnected networks and products data with agile internal and B2B integration

Data Governance

Put your data asset in context with fine‑grained lineage info and full cross‑reference to technical systems and business processes

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